Sunday, January 15, 2006

Apple trademark on the Hi-Fi iPod

The AppleInsider describes a new trademark application by Apple. The request term "iPod Hi-Fi" suggests that the company is developing some kind of hardware or software to provide Hi-Fi support for the iPod player.

This idea is now new, and several people have commented on rumors that Apple would be creating a wireless version of the iPod. However, if the news is true, this is the first sign that Apple is really creating some kind of remote access device that has iPod-like capabilities.

In a separate news, the AppleInsider speculates about the possible announcement of iPods with larger screens:

Separately, sources said that Apple is developing an iPod model with a higher-resolution display and about an inch of additional viewing area. It's unclear if, or when, the company intends to release the device, and no further details were provided.

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