Tuesday, January 10, 2006

iPod gets a new FM tuner

Well, afterwall the MacWorld didn't bring any shaking innovation to the iPod world, only the certainty that the current geneation of iPod products is really ground breaking.

There are, however, some goodies for iPod fans that are worth notice. First, Radio Remove, the new iPod FM tuner, is a nice addition to the list of great iPod accessories. It is sleaky, and very well designed. Different from the normal accessories for the iPod, the FM tuner attachs diretly to the phones, leaving the iPod free of an extra accessory - in a sense, it works an extension of the phone chord.

Radio remote works as a good remote controler for the iPod. Changing music, sound volumes, or radio stations is much easier to do with the scroll interface, similar to the one in the iPod shuffle.

The Radio Remote also has a nice interface that can be accessed directly from the iPod. It would be great if other products could use a similar trick -- although this is difficult to replicate since only Apple at this point can directly program the iPod.

Look at the iPod web page for all features of Radio Remote.

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