Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Apple makes splash with its best Laptop ever

The Macworld expo had today its greatest event in Steve Jobs' keynote. Among several other announcement, Jobs presented what is certainly the most powerful laptop Apple has even created.

The new laptop, which is also the first Mac laptop using an Intel process, has a dual core processing unit which has almost four time as much processing capacity as the Power PC G4 that are used by the current generation of power books.

The MacBook, as the new laptop is called, has also more innovations, such as embedded iSight camera (with the double of the definition of current iSight models), and a larger and brighter screen. All this enclosed in a metal case that is only one inch thick.

According to the Scottsman:

COMPUTER giant Apple last night unveiled a "revolutionary" new laptop computer which it says is four to five times faster than its predecessor.
The MacBook Pro is just one inch thick and weighs 5.6lb. Its increased speed is down to a new Intel chip, the first time Apple has used Intel processors. The chip will be rolled out to all new Mac machines this year.
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