Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Apple iLife and iWork have new versions

Not only the hardware area of Apple presented surprises yesterday: the sofware inside the Macs has also become a little better.

Apple presented new software products that make collaboration and use of multimedia much easier that ever before. The iLife line of products has been updated. This time, the iPhoto software gained many new features to simplify working with pictures, effects, and retouchs. Garage band is able to record podcasts directly, and send them to other applications.

The main change in the package has been the addition of iWeb, a very easy to use web page design software. It integrates seamlessly with the other programs in iLife, and can also be used to upload information directly to the .iMac account. iWeb can be used to create blogs, static pages, and dinamic pages as well.

These improvements were rounded out by the announcement of the new iWork, with new versions of Pages and Keynote.

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