Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Apple is rewarded for product innovation

An article by CNN describes how the industry and the media view the influence of Apple in computing technology.

They describe how Apple, which is not the company with the highest market share in the PC market, is able to create products of high innovation and design. This makes each announcement of Apple to be of high importance for the rest of the industry.

Apple, without doubt, is again in the path of delievering some of the best computers even seen. The recently launched iMac is an example. The MacBook that was previewed yesterday is another example.

According to the article:

At last week's Consumer Electronics Show, a dozen PC makers announced support for the Intel Corporation's new dual-core Intel microprocessor, saying they would deliver Core Duo computers to consumers in the spring. Apple, which didn't start working with Intel until last spring, will beat them all to market with Core Duo-based iMac computers, which started shipping to stores as Jobs was speaking yesterday.

As a reward, the shares of Apple are again up for more than 3% in the last two days.

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