Thursday, January 12, 2006

MarsEdit: editing your blog on an Apple Mac

Creating blogs with the blogger interface is easy and fun. You just need to create you blog with two simple steps, and add posts using an intuitive web interface.

However, at times you may fee more comfortable using a software created for your own operating systems, instead of using the browser to add posts. For example, you may want the freedom to define fonts, how to save the draft posts, and the general look and feel of the editor.

In this post I would like to review the MarsEdit editor for Mac OS, which offers some of the facilities described above.

MarsEditor is a product of Ranchero Software, a company that specializes on writting software for the web in the Mac OS platform. They are also the writers of the NetNewsWire news reader.

The MarsEditor is mainly composed of a panel where you can check the contents of your blog and start the edit actions. The program knows about most types of blog systems, including of course Other popular types of blogs supported are: moveable type, typepad, wordpress.

MarsEditor has a left panel that provides easy access to all your blogs. This makes it easier to visualize your content, since your previous posts can be displayed in the main window. This is especially nice if you have blogs in different systems, such as moveable type and blogger. Then, you can use the same interface to control them.

The post editor provides several commands for easy formatting. You can add new posts or edit previous ones with the same easy. And, as in all other mac os programs, you can use the native spell checker to avoid language-related mistakes.

The only problem I saw while using MarsEditor was the lack of support for images in blogger. I don't know if this is a configuration problem, but I couldn't add pictures to the server.

All in all, MarsEdit is a very nice package to handle your blog-editing tasks in MacOS. It has a 30 days free trial, so I think it is a good program to check in order to save time and post more frequently in your blog.

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