Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Apple lifestyle

One of the interesting things about owning an Apple computer is that it can become more than a simple new device. Apple, through its design and software, presents a new digital lifestyle, which is very addicting for several people.

The runs an article about the impact of Apple in the lifestyle of their customers. Some of them, self titled "apple fannatics", go as far as having Apple tatoos, and "planning their vacations around the MacWorld conference" in San Francisco.

The article describes how the cult of Apple is growing, with the larger number of people have access to Apple gadgets such as the iPod.

Granted, Apple continues to hold a paltry 4 to 6 percent of the personal computer market. But the iPod dominates in the MP3 category, with 83 percent of the market share, Apple CEO Steve Jobs said during his keynote address Tuesday. Apple has sold more than 42 million iPods; last year alone, 32 million flew off store shelves. And in the three most recent months, consumers snatched up 14 million iPods. "That's over 100 a minute, 24/7," Jobs said. "It still wasn't enough."

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