Monday, January 09, 2006

Apple and the CES

Even not being officially part of CES, Apple got a lot of attention by other companies presenting their new productos on the expo.

According to CNET, this attention is comming mostly from competitors, such as Microsoft and Google, which are concerned with the increased marked conquered by Apple in the last years.

Microsoft, for example, announced a iTunes like software that will be available latter this year, in cooperation with MTV. The new service will be available with the new Windows Vista operating system.

Google, is also trying to get its share from Apple market, using the Google video website. The objective is to sell video for Internet customers, something that the iTunes video store has been done since last year.

Finally, there are also the companies that are offering accessories for the iPod other Apple products. These companies also represent an important part of the announcements that have been made during the CES expo. All this shows that Apple is now an important part of the consumer electronics world, even when it is not physically present.

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