Monday, January 09, 2006

Apple set to launch Intel-inside laptop

The MacWorld expo is only tomorrow, but today people are already very excited with the possibility that Apple you launch a new Intel-based computer.

Apple announced last year that 2006 would be the year of a shift to the Intel processors, after many years using the IBM/motorolla Power PC architechture. The move will be great not only for Intel, but for several consumers that want more compatitibility between the Mac and PC platforms.

The use of Intel processer in Apple's computers may represent an easier task for software developers that need to port programs from the PC to Mac. For example, game development companies could benefit from this change.

Another great advantage will be for the Apple's mobile line of computers. It has been difficult for Apple to incorporate the newest versions of the G5 processors into its laptop line, due to engineering issues (mainly power dissipation problems). With the Intel processors, Apple will be free to inovate again in the area of laptops.

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