Thursday, April 27, 2006

Google releases new SketchUp: a new second life?

A few weeks ago, Google announced it was buying a small company called @Last Software. The main product of this company, a 3D modeler system called SketchUp, is now being released to the public by Google.

SketchUp allow users to create powerful 3D models for designing or just recreative purposes. It allows the composition of 3D models from simple primitives. And the more interesting feature is: you can upload 3D models to Google earth, and allow others to visualize your creation.

In a sense, Google earth is getting a little closer to what games such as second life already do: creating virtual worlds, and allowing people to visit your creations instantaneously.

To get a better picture of what is going on, download SketchUp, it is freely available. If you're more adventurous, get a license for the Pro Version and start building a commercial world!

Link from Google Blog

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