Friday, April 21, 2006

Apple in the News for Friday April 21 14:59 PM

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Mac OS X wallpapers for other operating systems

Here some Mac OS X wallpapers that you can use on other operating systems.
Link countersues Apple, seemingly content to sue larger companies over patents from the glory days, has filed suit against Apple. Ars dives in deep as usual and gives a lowdown on the whole Burst story so far.

Apple Send's Bloggers to the "Asteroids"

It turns out the folks at Apple Corp are not very happy with certain anonymous bloggers because they published details of a new product called "Asteroids".

Mac Open Source Tracking Now at 35,000+ projects

MacTech announced that the MacForge open source index site has surpassed 35,000 projects that run on the Mac, or are likely to run on the Mac.

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