Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A preview of Leopard

Microsoft cannot release its operating system on time, but Apple is always beating the clock in this area: Leopard is now close to completion, and early views of the systems are starting to be schedule.

If you want to see personally the new features of the new incarnation of Mac OS X, you should consider to be part of the next Worldwide Developers Conference 2006, promoted by Apple. According to the company:

With more than 120 sessions planned across five technology tracks, WWDC 2006 will cover the full spectrum of Mac technology. In each track you'll find practical sessions, delivered by Apple engineers, that show how to take advantage of current technologies in Tiger, and how to get ready for what's coming in Leopard. The five session tracks are:

Application Technologies
Graphics and Media
Development Tools
OS Foundations
Information Technologies

It looks a great opportunity to see the future of the Mac operating system.


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