Friday, April 21, 2006

Apple in the News for Friday April 21 15:59 PM

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EA will be at E3 this year

Cause we all know if Leopard is big news for the August Mac Dev conference, then this is just as big.

Parallels Beta 4 for the Mac OS ... FULL SCREEN SUPPORT

Lots of fixes, the best of which being full screen support. If you need to play games on a macbook, use bootcamp .... otherwise parallels kicks.

OS X First Aid

With this guide to OS X first aid by your side, you'll be able to quickly resolve the most-common Mac problems: freezes, crashes, startup woes, and kernel panics.

Apple's Safari showing major growth amongst browsers

The popularity of Apple Computer's Safari Web browser continues grow at a noticeable pace this year, with recent market share figures pointing to an over 75 percent increase in usage over the past twelve months.

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