Monday, April 17, 2006

Multiple boot option in an Apple MacIntosh

If you have a new Intel Mac, you probably think that installing other operating systems is a great possibility. Using the x86 architecture has allowed Apple Macs to run other operating systems that where not possible with PowerPC processors. Among them are Linux and Windows, but since Linux was available anyway by the use of specialized distributions, installing windows is one of the main attraction of the Intel based Macs.

With the introduction of BootCamp, Apple is trying to make easier the life of the people that really want to run Windows software. Bootcamp is a simple software, but it takes important steps during the boot process. It need to determine what types of operating systems you have available, where they are installed, and how to perform the initialization sequence for each OS.

Learning the options available for BootCamp may be overwhelming if you don't have any previous knowledge in multi-boot systems (such as the ones available for Linux). To make user's life a little easier, some guys have created a nice wiki web page. There you can find detailed information, along with some tips that are not available in the official documentation from Apple.

Running Windows in a Mac may not be the thing to do, but it is fun anyway, and it just shows how much many things are possible with the new macs. It is time to give a try to book camp, and see for yourself if it fits your needs or not.


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