Sunday, April 16, 2006

Color picker application for Mac OS X

Color picking is a function frequently needed by web designers and people working with graphical software in general.

Instead of spending money and time installing any additional software to do this, consider using the color picker embedded in the Mac OS X. It is flexible and allow you to use a full range of features, that would otherwise only be available in especialised software.

A good way to use the color picker as a separate application is described by Mac OS X hints:

Simply fire up AppleScript (Applications -> AppleScript Editor) and enter this text:
choose color
Now, save it as an application (File -> Save As, and set the File Format pop-up to Application), and you're done! I copied the icon from the Digital Color Meter onto it to pretty it up. Add in the free HEXColorPicker from Lucky Software, and you've got everything a web developer might need to pick colors in any app.


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