Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Apple in the News for Wednesday March 29 17:05 PM


Apple adds noise limit to iPod firmware

Volume discount

Apple Turns Down the Volume

In response to recent concerns over the potential for MP3 players to cause hearing damage, Apple has released iPod Software Update 1.1.1, which adds a feature that lets you set the iPod's maximum volume.

Apple software chief stepping down

Avadis ``Avie'' Tevanian, Apple Computer's chief software technology officer, will step down at the end of the month, the company confirmed Tuesday.

iPod gets volume limit

following the recent controversy regarding the hearing loss due to supposedly intolerable volume levels of iPods, the new firmware comes with a volume limiting functionality for your ipod.

Apple vs Apple: High Court freaks out

The Royal Courts of Justice came alive to the beat of the 1978 disco classic Le Freak today as two giants of the music business clashed in a battle over internet downloads and a piece of forbidden fruit.

Steve Jobs, Take Down This DRM Wall (AAPL)

While this sounds radical, Fairplay is no real protection for content today. Anyone who wants to create an unprotected digital copy of an iTunes track today need only write it to CD and then re-rip it into digital AIFF or MP3 form. Those who don't want to bother with the CD can download the PlayFair utility that simply removes the DRM.

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