Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Macworld: PSP is better than iPod

An article from Macworld features a comparison between the iPod video and the PSP, the multimedia players from Apple and Sony.

The comparison apparently considers only the screen size and the media used. According to the MacWorld, the PSP has the advantage of a bigger screen and removable media. They state:

So what could the iPod learn from the PSP? A bigger, wide-screen display would be nice. I also like the PSP's use of removable media, whether blank or with video content already on it; that's the way we're used to watching video in our living rooms, so why not do the same with a portable player? Combine flash media, UMD support, and the larger screen with the convenience of the iTunes Music Store and the iPod's big hard drive, and Apple could have a best-of-breed portable player.

After all, it seems that the article was created just to demorilize Apple. It is difficult to believe that there are not advantages in the iPod approach. Where is, for example, the iTunes counterpart for PSP? What about the fact that the iPod has an easy to use scroll well? I think these guys should try to be more balanced when they write such articles. Or maybe there is some reason behind this... What do you think?

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