Monday, January 02, 2006

EyeBud and Increased privacy for Apple iPod video

Despite the great interest in the new iPod video, demonstrated by the record-level sales in 2005, watching video in the Apple device can be a little frustrating at times. Certainly, most people is still not used to watch their preferred movies in a 2 by 2.5 inch screen. Technology can come to the rescue one more time: according to Seattle Post, a company called eMagin Corp. will unveil in the first half of this year a new portable screen for the iPod.

The portable screen is based on wearable technology, which has been developed for video games and military applications. The device presents the image in front of one of the eyes, and makes the resulting video look as large as a "105 foot display from 12 feet away". It certainly seems to be an outstanding solution to the problem mobile users face.

The only obstacle for the acceptance of the device seems to be the price tag. Retailing for about $599, the new EyeBud will cost even more than the higher priced iPod in the market. This makes it a little difficult to justify the investment.

The success of the EyeBud depends, however, on the quality of the screen and the experience of users. I am pretty sure that many people would be willing to pay the high price for high resolution and privacy.

Privacy, in fact, seems to be greatest advantage of this new display technology. With a screen that can be mounted on your glasses, you can watch any video without being disturbed by people around you. It is a real matching for the personal experience that made the walkman and later the iPod so famous in personal music, but this time translated to the realm of video.

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