Tuesday, January 03, 2006

iBook is the most reliable Apple laptop

The Apple laptops have always been highly ranked by their nice design. However, this is not the only are in which Apple machines shine. According to a recent study performed by MacIntouch, the iBook G4 is among the most reliable laptops.

As reported by Operation Gadget, "Maybe the least surprising conclusion is that the 12-inch Apple iBook is the most reliable of the current crop of Mac laptops. It's got the smallest footprint and it's made of the simplest laptop materials. "

The iBook is certainly made to endure much more than the powerBook. After all, it is hard to demage the plastic enclosure, compared to the aluminium of powerBooks. And with its cheaper price tag, the iBook shows once more that it has a good reason to exist in the Apple line of computers.

In the next months, we will be looking forward to a version of the iBook with an Intel processor. The combination of processing power with resistance and price will make it a much more competitive laptop against products from manufacturers like Dell.

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