Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Subscription based video on Apple Mac OS X may become reality

MacWorld is running a story about the new Vongo video service. This subcription based online video store has sights in making available its services to Mac users.

The Apple iTunes system has always been based on content ownership. We can buy music at $0.99 and videos at $1.99, everything for a flat price. On the other hand, Windows based services use a mensal fee as its main payment model.

The difference is not only on payment options, but in technology. Apple technology (FairPlay) is based on a single payment and ownership. The windows media player however is targeted to the monthly payment method.

This is the main reason why services like Vongo have not been able to prosper on Mac OS X. According to Vongo, however, this is going to change in the future:

Mac users who visit the Vongo Web site are greeted with a message that says “Vongo is currently PC based, but will soon be Mac compatible (really!).”

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