Monday, January 02, 2006

Load music to Apple iPod without a computer

A new accessory for the iPod have appeared that promisses to simplify must of the hassle associated with loading a new iPod. As users feel happy to receive a new iPod, the initial stage of selecting the musics to load, and the conversion process itself can be lengthy.

The guys from Wingspan, a startup from Silicon Valley, are providing a new way to fill you iPod memory with good music. According to the initial reports from Designtechnica:

The iLoad works by allowing consumers to transfer an entire CD or individual tracks to an iPod without being hooked up to a computer. The device ... is the idea of father/daughter duo which wanted to simplify the way content gets loaded onto an iPod. Their invention, which sports a 2.5mm audio output jack to hook up headphones so one listen to which tracks to select for copying over, uses a special internal, updateable database with music and track information for more than 1.8 million songs to populate the appropriate information on the iPod.

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