Saturday, December 31, 2005

Podcast: the next revolution lead by Apple

The iPod has been the active element of the music revolution in the last few years. Thanks to the combination iPod/iTunes, it is much easier now to listen and enjoy music than in the past.

The next revolutions comes to the realm of video and TV, and is also lead by Apple. The iPod video can now be used to see not only the normal TV programs from NBC, for example, but also to have access to Podcasts, a new type of media.

As the revolution created by videos clips, leaded at the time by MTV, the Podcast is certainly going to generate a new format for video appreciation.

As reported by The Herald Democrat, Apple is extremely well positioned to take advantage of this new media revolution, compared to other companies such as Microsoft or Sony. This is without doubt a good sign for Apple customers, since it means that the investment in this technology will be well used.

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