Friday, July 14, 2006

Using the overheating MacBook as a toaster

Have you ever used you macbook for a few minutes over you lap, just to blame Steve Jobs an Apple for creating such a hot machine (in the wrong sense)! You are not alone. Many people have discovered that a MacBook can run very hot if you use some processor-intensive applications.

To prove this with a real-world experiment, some smart guys proposed to cook their own lunch using the MacBook. In this way, you can benefit from the overheating problem by reducing your light bill...
The instructions are show in a video, and in the following recipe:

1. Get a macbook and turn it over so the screens over the edge of your desk/counter (shown in picture)
2. Run your favorite process intensive program to get it to heat up
3. Some tinfoil on uper left part of the laptops underside (the hottest part of the macbook
4. Put your cup of coffee on the power supply to keep it warm
5. Cook your egg on the tinfoil, it will take longer than normal
6. Enjoy your breakfast
7. Now you know the secret of the overheating notebook

Link via TechBlog

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