Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Mac OS X versus Windows: Is Vista Enough?

An ongoing discussion in the osx86project delves into the comparison of Mac OS X and the long waited version of Microsoft Windows: Windows Vista.

Most people in the thread believe that the main weakness of Vista as an operating system is exactly its inheritance. It has to provide even the same bugs that many preceding versions of Windows had. As one of the commentator said:

If Microsoft had a clue about operating systems, they would have thrown Windows out with the trash and started with a clean slate. Then they should have simply followed an OS X or NeXTSTEP-like architecture pattern. Specifically, they should have started with a well developed, secure Unix-like operating system, like a BSD, then bought something like BeOS for the GUI, and added some advanced Cocoa-like application development environment and perhaps a high performance kernel like maybe L4.

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