Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Running classic Mac OS 9 on Intel Mac

Maybe you don't remember it, but there are still people out there who love the classic Mac OS 9, the operating system that powered the Macs for a long time during the 90s. Although Mac OS X is the-way-to-go, Mac OS 9 has a distinctive look that makes a lot of people still like it.

So, it is not very surprising that someone decided to run the Classic OS 9 in one of the newest Mac Intel machines. It is something doable, but not easy to do, since Apple has no intention to support Mac OS 9 in its new line of machines.

The basic trick behind it is to use SheepShaver, a run time environment for programs written to the PowerPC processor. It is a free software, and it was created mainly to run mac programs in the Linux and Windows OSs. As we see, with a little hacking, you can make anything working on anything else...

Link via the Apple Blog

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