Saturday, February 11, 2006

A bit of Mac history

Do you remember when the Apple II was first launched? And what about its features, such as processor, screen definition, and disks? What versions the Apple Newton had? An how many megabites were necessary to run Apple Mac OS 8?

If you are a very hard core fan you may remember some of these facts. But if you want to know this and wants to see much more, you should visit the Apple history web site.

In Apple history you can find the facts about every single machine that was designed and manufactured by Apple since its beginning almost 30 years ago. And you will certainly become fascinated with the detail of some products that are not available anymore (with the exception of a few collectors' items). Run by Apple aficionados, the site has a complete collection of data about these machines, which is periodically updated with more accurate facts.

For all mac fans, students of computing history, or simply curious people, a visit to this site will represent moments not only of learning, but also of pure fun.

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