Sunday, January 22, 2006

Logic Pro 7 for Intel processor

Logic pro is one of the best programs in the Mac platform for music processing, with professional features that are powerful and easy to use. This is just another reason why Macs are so popular with professional musicians.

Thus, it is not a surprise that Apple announced this week the near release of a native version of Logic Pro for the Intel processor. According to Apple, the release is schedule for early February.
During last week Apple was able to present the new product in the NAMM music show, which happened in Anaheim, CA. According to a report by Macword, the presentation blow away the audience:

The company was showing the application on one of the recently introduced MacBook Pro portable computers. During the demo, Apple’s Bob Hunt was running video, with thumbnails, music and a dozen or more high-end effects.
“None of these sessions would even run on a PowerBook,” said Hunt, comparing the new Intel-based MacBook Pro to the PowerBook.

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