Saturday, January 21, 2006

Where are the iPod killers?

Apple matters published an interesting article explaining why the supposed "iPod killers" are not killing the iPod, and how this could be really done.

First, they notice that the iPod look-alike players have none of the integration that the Apple product has. iTunes, and the large amount of accessories for the iPod are really an important strength for the Apple player.

They also draw attention to the interview given byt Steve Jobs we mentioned previously, where he says that only Microsoft would be able to launch a player capable of competing with the iPod.

On the other hand, they reason that this could be just a bait for MS. The reason is that their partners do not want to compete with Microsoft itself, and in this scenario they would be much more inclined to support Apple.

Read the complete post here.
Jobs predics Microsoft will launch a MP3 player

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