Friday, June 22, 2007

Google cooperates with Apple on more than the iPhone

Apple and Google plan to collaborate even more - that is the message from Google's CEO, Eric Schmidt, to the crowed that came to preview some of the Google's innovations during a French event.
According to Google's CEO, the cooperation just started with the integration of Youtube into Apple's products, such as AppleTV and the iPhone. Scchmidt, who was demoing a very exclusive Apple iPhone, told the crowd that other collaborations where on the way, and that the Google-Apple combination would deliver notable technologies in the near future.
It will be very interesting to watch what these collaborative features would be. In fact, joining the network power of Google with the hardware and software excellence of Apple would result in pretty impressive products. Let us hope that this collaboration really works in the long run and that users can benefit from it.


Thursday, June 21, 2007

New details on the iPhone appear on Apple webpage

Amid the large excitement about the launch of the iPhone next week, Apple is delievering a few more pieces of information on its web site.
The new information shows additional images of the cell phone, along with improved videos showing its functionality.
As was publicized yesterday, the iPhone will have direct access to iTube videos, which will make it even more attractive for web surfers that are used to view the newest videos on their computers.
There are still very few confirmed facts about the launch of the iPhone, except the release date. The media is busy trying to get additional information from Apple, and it will be interesting to watch what is gonna happen in the next few days.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Youtube and iPhone: a great combination

The Youtube success has generated a lot of press in the last months. Nowadays, Youtube is a force in several areas of online collaboration, going from marketing campaigns to even politics.
Apple also wants to take part of the Youtube scene. First, they decided to integrate Youtube with the AppleTV, in a new try to conquer the living room.
The latest news on the attempt of integration with Youtube has been released this morning. Apple is saying that they will integrate Youtube with the iPhone.
This shows at least two things
Apple is in great relationship with Google. And this looks great for both companies, since they have offers that complement each other (despite the small areas in which they have overlapping strategies)
The Youtube phenomenon can probably move to the mobile phone, where it can get even more viral. The iPhone can well be the platform that will allow even more widespread distribution of small videos created by the Youtube users.
So this seems great for everyone involved, and probably users and investors will take notice.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

iPhone and keyboard usability

The iPhone has numerous features that set it apart from the competition. The great user interface has made people to think that it is the most technologically advanced phone on the market.
However, nothing of this matters if it is not usable from the start. That is why it is important, in these initial days, to verify how usable is the iPhone user interface.
The main element of this interface is clearly the keyboard. Other cell phones have integrated keyboards that can be used very predictively. The iPhone, however, has not fixed keyboard. Who guarantees that users will be able to learn how to use the keyboard?
Some people in the blogsphere have started to dissect this very feature of the iPhone.
For example, this post provides a discussion of how the iPhone keyboard interaction might be. The keyboard system will probably have to very smart to avoid confusion when users type of the screen.
In fact, according to Steve Jobs, the iPhone has a sophisticated system that can predict, or correct, what users are typing in order to avoid frequent mistakes. He has also said, however, that users might take some time to get used to the style of the new on-screen keyboard, with keys that auto correct all the time.
It remains to be seen if this very feature of the iPhone will not be one of its major weaknesses. If that happen, then users will enjoy the visual of the iPhone, but will have to stay open to more traditional options such as the Blackberry and similar systems.