Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Youtube and iPhone: a great combination

The Youtube success has generated a lot of press in the last months. Nowadays, Youtube is a force in several areas of online collaboration, going from marketing campaigns to even politics.
Apple also wants to take part of the Youtube scene. First, they decided to integrate Youtube with the AppleTV, in a new try to conquer the living room.
The latest news on the attempt of integration with Youtube has been released this morning. Apple is saying that they will integrate Youtube with the iPhone.
This shows at least two things
Apple is in great relationship with Google. And this looks great for both companies, since they have offers that complement each other (despite the small areas in which they have overlapping strategies)
The Youtube phenomenon can probably move to the mobile phone, where it can get even more viral. The iPhone can well be the platform that will allow even more widespread distribution of small videos created by the Youtube users.
So this seems great for everyone involved, and probably users and investors will take notice.

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