Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A virus for the Apple Mac?

Today, news have come out that a hacker was able to explore a bug in the Apple OS kernel (known by the name of Darwin). It has been one of the few times I heard that a bug in Mac OS kernel was reported to be found and explored to create something similar to a virus or warm.

This can mean one of two things:

  1. Apple is doing a worse job of creating new versions of its operating system; or
  2. The mac is getting so much attention that crackers are starting to spend more time on it. As a result, we should expect viruses in the coming months...
I hope this can be, in fact, the result of a third option: the mac OS is not getting worse, and this was just another opportunity for the media to focus on bad news for Apple. What do you think?


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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Apple adds chat to its online store

Everybody is trying these days to make their web sites a little more interactive. Apple is not different, and they are just adding a new feature to their sales web site that can make it a little easier for customers who want to "make the change":

Apple had been running its "chat now" feature as an experiment in the educational store for some time, giving potential customers the option to chat with a live sales representative about various Apple products before purchasing and relieving those educational customers from making a blind decision.

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Apple plans new iPhone with iChat mobile

The rumors of Apple developing a cell phone have become more credible each day. Some even say that this is the reason stock price of Apple has increased in the last trading sessions. A new voice is joining the chorus that says that the iPhone is closer than we think. Another analyst is saying that not only the iPhone will be released, but that Apple is already working in the next version, which will allow integration with the iChat, bringing a new level of connectivity for Apple customers.

According to Shaw Wu:

"Time to market is not certain to us as it appears to be in the development phase," Wu wrote in his Nov. 20 research paper. "We believe this product is [Apple's] 'smart phone' and could be branded as 'iChat mobile."

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