Thursday, April 23, 2009

Apple continues to make money with iPods

Apple reported this morning the results of its first quarter for 2009. The company, which has been make headlines for several years with its line of iPod and iPhone devices, is still making money — and lots of it.

Making money for Apple is not a surprise. But considering the dire straits of the economy in the last quarters, the fact that Apple is beating estimates for growth is a very glad occurrence.

According to the official report, Apple was able to grow about 25% compared to previous year, which is a fantastic rate of growth — even on normal economic times. If we consider the effects of the recession on consumers, the increase in demand for Apple’s products demonstrate the strengh of their business.

The strengh is apparent, also, from the public image of the company in media. The Apple-gui commercials are still a great success, and have largely changed the view of personal computers, especially for the younger generation.

And with new products being announced practically every semester, Apple has showed that there is much more growth where this was created. If we see an improvement in the economy by the end of the year, Apple will be positioned to benefit greatly of such economic recovery.